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Marc’s Story

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When Helping Causes a Hernia

While waiting at baggage claim after returning from a summer vacation, Marc noticed an elderly woman struggling to get her bag from the carousel. Though still basking in the glow of not punching the time clock, Marc’s internal mechanics punched into high gear and he lunged toward the woman’s bag. The bag was heavier than expected; the conveyor belt was faster than thought; Marc’s position wasn’t ideal. And though the bag was up and out of baggage claim’s clutches, Marc felt a shooting pain in his groin area that left him down for the count.

“I initially thought I had pulled a muscle but noticed over time that it not only wasn’t subsiding but that I was beginning to notice a slight bulge around just to the side of the pubic bone.  I did some research and became fairly convinced that I had a hernia,” stated Marc.

Throughout the fall and winter, Marc began to limit exercise, yard work and house projects. By the time Christmas rolled around, complete with another sojourn, sadly, Marc had horrible hernia pain (even if he sneezed or coughed), not holiday cheer. Marc’s New Year’s resolution was to resolve what he thought was a hernia.

As the founder and president of Hometown Health TV, LLC, Marc had both a personal and professional connection to Waterman Hospital, so it only made sense to seek consultation and treatment from a physician associate with Waterman. A hospital colleague referred Marc to Dr. Sebby, and immediately he was at ease, finding her to be “the perfect combination of warmth, talent, experience, knowledge and compassion.”

Marc explained, “After being diagnosed with an inguinal hernia by Dr. Sebby, I was informed of my two options—laparoscopic or open surgery.  Both had their pros and cons but ultimately, as the president of my own company, my goal was to recover and get back to work as quickly and as reasonably as possible so we opted to aim for the laparoscopic knowing there was a possibility that, once on the table, it might not be an option.”

Just six hours after his laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery, Marc was bidding Dr. Sebby and her surgical team farewell and heading for home. Amazingly, the hernia pain went away as quickly as it came on all those months ago. By the second day, Marc was walking around the house and fully mobile by day four. The pain, bleeding and scarring were practically non-existent.

“For the first few weeks it was difficult to get out of bed. And there were some lingering moments of sharp pain around the sutures. However, I was back to work eight days after the surgery. Dr. Sebby even “busted” me walking the halls of Waterman for a client meeting,” joked Marc.

Thanks to Dr. Sebby’s surgical skill, Marc is back to his normal routine—he even competed in a charity ballroom competition for the Educational Foundation of Lake & Sumter Counties, which included lifts and seven weeks of intense training.  Next, he’ll be lifting his ors while whitewater rafting in the Rockies.

Marc explained that, “At first I was a little reluctant to have a female surgeon perform such an intimate surgery but I was always treated with dignity, respect, compassion and never felt like Dr. Sebby was rushing me through the process or making light of my questions.”

Looking back, Marc is as please with the outcome of his hernia surgery as he was the entire process. “Dr. Sebby and the entire team had great communication, follow up and even helped me through a billing issue several weeks after the surgery. I also liked how self-contained the entire procedure was – being able to have the entire experience – from diagnosis to pre-op to surgery to follow-up all under one roof,” assured Marc.