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Patient Education Guides by Krames StayWell®

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Dr. Sebby knows how important it is to provide proper patient education, regarding both the condition, as well as surgical and therapeutic options available, to ensure the best comprehension and outcome possible. She carefully considered and thoroughly researched all the medical education materials available and hopes you have as much faith in her decision to align Center for Advanced Surgery with Krames StayWell. As the single largest provider of patient education and consumer health information solutions in the country, Krames StayWell will keep you and your caregiver well informed. These simple to understand, yet detailed guides provide patients and practices with unparalleled content and design to ensure full engagement throughout the care and beyond.

We approach our content with a level of rigor that stands up to the toughest clinical review. That takes a commitment to information that’s evidence-based, continuously peer-reviewed and consistent with health literacy standards. 

— Krames StayWell

About Krames StayWell

Krames StayWell was established in 2011 when Krames Patient Education and StayWell Custom Communications united to become the largest provider of interactive, print and mobile patient education solutions, consumer health information and population health management communications in the country.

Krames StayWell content is renowned for its effectiveness in increasing patient understanding and motivating healthy behaviors. Thus, all patients and caregivers of the Center for Advanced Surgery will be given Krames StayWell guides to have a better understanding of what is happening to them, as well as their options.

Patient Education Guides

  • Abdominal Health and Surgeries
  • Breast Health and Surgeries
  • Colon and Rectal Procedures
  • Thyroid Problems and Procedures

Abdominal Health and Surgeries


Effective for watchful waiting or after emergency surgery, this complete guide helps patients and families understand what happened and reinforces your recovery instructions.

  • Anatomy, symptoms, evaluation, home observation
  • Anesthesia, risks and complications
  • Laparoscopic and open surgery
  • Hospital and home recovery

The Gallbladder Surgery Book (Understanding Open and Laparoscopic Procedures)

A Merit Award winner by the National Health Information Awards, as well as a comprehensive booklet providing information about laparoscopic and open surgery, this user-friendly reference guide offers contemporary lifestyle and medical art, plus the latest topics. Includes expanded section on common bile duct.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Common bile duct exploration (ERCP) and choliangiogram
  • Conversion to open surgery
  • Pain management after surgery
  • Risks and complications

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair (A Treatment with Less Pain and a Shorter Recovery)

Give patients a "doctor's eye view" of surgery and help them understand the advantages of laparoscopic hernia repair.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Presents causes of hernia using the "worn tire" analogy
  • Full-color anatomical art shows where hernias might occur
  • Transabdominal and extraperitoneal laparoscopic repair
  • Pre-op, post-op and home recovery instructions
  • Risks, complications, when to call the doctor

Hernia Surgery (Open Surgery for Hernia Repair)

This is the recipient of a Silver Award by the National Health Information Awards. It includes detailed medical art and content that lets each patient focus on his/her type of hernia.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Layers of the abdominal wall
  • Types of hernia: inguinal, umbilical, incisional, femoral, epigastric
  • Medical artwork of traditional and tension-free repairs: mesh patch, plug and patch, combination patches; anterior and posterior approaches
  • Surgical experience from pre-op through recovery, pain management
  • Expanded section on pediatric hernias, including Q & A
  • Risks, complications, when to call the doctor

Breast Health and Surgeries

Breast Lumps (Understanding Common Breast Problems)

A Merit Award winner at the National Health Information Awards. This preliminary educational tool combines easy-to-understand text, photography and Krames renowned illustrations to increase comprehension and speed initial consultations.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Types of lumps, normal vs. abnormal lumps, biopsy, results, benign conditions and relieving symptoms
  • Exams, tests, treatments and procedures
  • Breast anatomy, BSE, biopsies, cysts, fibrocystic changes, fibroadenoma

Understanding Breast Biopsy (Studying Your Breast Tissue)

A National Health Information Awards Merit Award winner; and an excellent companion to Understanding Breast Cancer.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Explains the biopsy experience and the importance of understanding results
  • Describes surgical biopsies (open, large core) and percutaneous biopsies (fine-needle aspiration, core needle image-guided)
  • Includes breast health screening guidelines
  • Includes risks, complications and when to call the doctor

Understanding Breast Cancer (Surgery and Adjuvant Therapy)

National Health Information Awards Bronze Award winner; and the perfect companion to Understanding Breast Biopsy.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Offers complete, current information about breast anatomy, types of biopsy, coping with diagnosis, lumpectomy, mastectomy, stages of breast cancer, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Illustrates TRAM flap, LD flap, implant reconstruction, tissue expander
  • Discusses all aspects of cancer treatment, including adjuvant therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, as well as psychological and social aspects.
  • Includes risks, complications and when to call the doctor

Colon and Rectal Procedures

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis (Managing Two Common Colon Conditions)

Clarifies colon anatomy and shows how diverticula become inflamed. Illustrations support management and surgery recommendations.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Barium enema, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy
  • Medical and dietary management
  • Surgery, risks and complications
  • Increasing fiber and fluid intake
  • Includes risks, complications and when to call the doctor

The Hemorrhoid Book (Treatment and Prevention of a Common Problem)

A National Health Information Awards Silver Award winner. This easy-to-use guide features up-to-date medical art and design, as well as information on prevention.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Medical art depicts anatomy of the anal canal
  • Illustrations help explain internal and external hemorrhoids, includes the dentate line
  • Features information on grading system for hemorrhoids
  • Surgical art — hemorrhoid surgery with sutures, hemorrhoid surgery with staples (PPH)

Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery (Treating Colon Problems)

Help patients understand the benefits of laparoscopic surgery for colorectal problems. Now includes rectal information and new medical art.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Common indications for surgery: polyps and cancer, diverticulosis and diverticulitis, IBD, rectal prolapse, fecal diversion
  • Answers common patient questions about laparoscopic surgery
  • Pre- and post-op instructions, map of abdomen to mark incision site
  • Types of colorectal surgery chart
  • Colostomy and stoma information
  • Risks and complications, if open surgery is needed, when to call the doctor

Colorectal Surgery (Open Surgery for Polyps and Cancer)

A National Health Information Awards Gold Award winner. This guide focuses on colorectal and colorectal cancer surgery, plus provides comprehensive information about colorectal cancer from screening and diagnosis to colectomy and recovery.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Reader-friendly design.
  • Includes cancer staging for colorectal cancer
  • Details the progression of polyp to cancer
  • Provides more information about rectal cancer and screening
  • Discusses colostomy
  • Medical art on APR (abdominal perineal resection) for rectal cancer
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Thyroid Problems and Procedures

The Thyroid Book (Medical and Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Problems)

Explains medical and surgical management for hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, nodules and goiters. Now updated with completely new medical and lifestyle art and current practice trends. Also includes expanded surgery information and illustrations.

Guide includes information regarding:

  • Details function of the thyroid
  • Diagnostics: thyroid scan, ultrasound, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy, radioactive iodine uptake test, thyroid antibody test
  • Treatment options: hormone therapy, radioiodine ablation, thyroidectomy
  • Risks and complications of surgery
  • Pre-op, post-op and recovery instructions