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The Annual Zumbathon Is Back!

Dr. Sebbie is hosting the Annual Zumbathon again this year and encourages you to keep the beat to beat breast cancer on Saturday, October 17th.

Glow in the Dark Pink Zumbathon

Join Dr. Sebby at this year's annual Glow in the Dark Pink Zumbathon and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Pain Free, Worry Free. Live Free of Varicose Veins

Dr. Sebby, recently discussed varicose vein diagnosis, treatment and prevention on Florida Hospital Waterman’s "The Doctor is in the House!" segment. An overview of what causes varicose veins and vein disease kicked off the talk and the discussion covered a variety of state-of-the-art treatment options, including laser therapy. Watch the question and answer session at the end of this talk to hear Dr. Sebby's answers to common concerns regarding surgical vein treatment.

Dr. Sebby on Breast Health and Screening

Dr. Seble Gabre-Madhin spoke to an audience about breast health, preparing for a mammogram and how to prepare for abnormal test results from diagnostic testing. Dr. Sebby reviewed the symptoms and conditions doctors and radiologists are looking for when conducting breast exams and mammograms, as well as what possible treatment options may be for various symptoms. Watch her presentation now!

The Thyroid - A Little Gland With Big Effects

Center for Advanced Surgery’s Dr. Sebby was recently featured on Florida Hospital Waterman’s "The Doctor is in the House!" segment. The talk addressed the thyroid, its role when functioning at peak performance and symptoms of abnormal thyroid activity.

Every Cup & Kick Counts for the Cause

Don’t turn a blind eye to breast health—everyone needs to get a little pink in the face when it comes to breast cancer awareness. Every woman needs ample access and information regarding recommended preventive screenings. It’s the best way to diagnose, treat and prevent breast cancer—until there’s a cure.

“Pink Day” hosted by breast surgeon at Florida Hospital Waterman raises over $1,000 for breast cancer awareness

Dr. Seble Gabre-Madhin (“Dr. Sebby”) challenged several Lake County physician offices to participate in “Pink Day” and agreed to donate $5 to breast cancer awareness for each person wearing pink, resulting in over $1,000 raised!

Healthy Living - January 2012

Dr. Seble Z. Gabre-Madhin - “As a mother of a small child, I understand the pressures of modern life and the obligations that people have to meet every day. Because of medical issues in my own family, I also have been on the other side of the curtain or at the bedside of a loved one,” says Dr. Gabre-Madhin. This is why Harvard-trained “Dr. Sebby” is known as a compassionate, patient-centered physician who specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques. “Patients want to regain health and functionality to get back to their lives.”

Daily Commercial - February 2012

New board-certified general surgeon joins Florida Hospital Waterman Dr. Seble Gabre-Madhin ("Dr. Sebby") has opened her new practice, the Center for Advanced Surgery, on the third floor of the Medical Office Building at Florida Hospital Waterman.

Everyone Should Sweat Breast Cancer at Pink Zumbathon

Residents of Tavares, Mt. Dora and Leesburg can get a leg up on breast cancer at the Pink Zumbathon. This fun, fitness event will be held at the Golden Triangle YMCA Family Center on Saturday, October 27, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Sponsored by Center for Advanced Surgery, which is led by Dr. Sebby, Harvard-trained surgeon who specializes in breast cancer surgery.