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The medical team at Center for Advanced Surgery is always happy to share the latest breast health and breast cancer surgery information with their patients—such as minimally-invasive and laparoscopic surgical options or the latest mobile applications (apps) for Smartphones and other mobile devices. From monitoring each week of chemotherapy treatment to eating a better diet or getting a self breast check reminder—the following list of mobile apps is sure to provide peace of mind and guidance during your treatment.

Mobile Application Description

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide

This award-winning app is an essential tool that can help guide a patient or loved one who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It comes complete with definitions of common breast cancer terms, pictures and articles.

Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock by National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation created this app as a comprehensive tool for anyone diagnosed or affected by breast cancer. Information and resources are gathered from lead doctors and researchers from around the world.
Breast Cancer Treatment News by Richard Zmuda, Editor When searching for the latest breast cancer treatment news, it’s comforting to know there’s an app for that too! Breast cancer patients and their families received daily updates and useful information pulled from the most respected peer-reviewed medical journals to help them along their journey.

Breast Health GPS
by Breast Health & Healing Foundation

Every woman over the age of 40 needs a main squeeze—monthly self breast exams, along with routine mammograms to ensure breasts are healthy and free of lumps, bruises or other oddities, that is. Breast Health GPS is an app that helps women find the nearest certified mammogram screening center. It also has a cool feature that allows users to upload photos to add to a viral quilt that honors breast cancer survivors.

Dr. K’s Breast Checker
by Lingopal Holdings Pty Ltd

Every woman, big, small and in the middle, needs to be breast health aware. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. But early detection can significantly increase the chances of optimal treatment and becoming cancer free. Now you know why to check your breasts—let Dr. K’s Breast Checker show you how and when.
Florida Hospital ER Wait
by Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising
If you feel like you are having a medical emergency, you need to act fast. The Florida Hospital ER Wait app lets you know the closest Florida Hospital to you and how long you can expect to wait before getting the top quality medical attention you need.
by Merck & Co, Inc.
Cancer’s so crazy, I could write a book! Well, you should Anyone going through chemotherapy should keep track of their treatment schedule, symptoms and feelings in iChemoDiary by Merck & Co, Inc. Plus, there’s documentation options for communicating diary information to your doctor and nurse. This app will help you kick chemo-brain, and hopefully cancer, to the curb.
iEat for Life: Breast Cancer
by Nutritionist Approved, Inc
If you are what you eat, it’s very important to make good, healthy choices every day. The iEat for Life: Breast Cancer app helps guide breast cancer patients, and anyone interested in breast health, toward the foods that contain beneficial nutrients to support prevention and healing.
Keep a Breast
by The Keep A Breast Foundation
Not only a great name, the Keep a Breast app, created by the Keep a Breast Foundation, is an awesomingly inventive app geared toward exposing young women to a variety of early breast cancer detection methods. This app also has a link to the Keep a Breast Foundation’s blog—that’s rich with breast health information and KAB events and latest endeavors.